Ladies: Would you date someone who is Self-Employed?

I'm curious would you date a guy that owned a business and someone that Travel's around the world? See I'm a Travel Photographer and I'm traveling somewhere around the world every month. See I have asked a few girls out and I have always been turned down. I am always wearing work clothes which just goes with what job I am doing for the day. Which ranges from wearing my military uniform to just wearing casual clothes with my shirt tucked in. So in other words would you date someone like me?


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  • "See I have asked a few girls out and I have always been turned down.

    I don't think it was due to the fact that you were Self-Employed, it tends to be something deeper.

    But honestly.

    If someone said

    "I'm self employed."

    I would find that a bit a bit irresponsible at first glance.

    It's mostly how it's phrased.

    If you said.

    "I'm a travelling photographer."

    Then that would be much more appealing at first glance.

    The phrase "self employed" in itself makes me think.

    "Why does he have to be self employed?

    Was he not good enough to be employed by others?

    Is he pursuing something that might be irresponsible/doomed to fail?"

    It gives off a sense of instability.

    I'm afraid it's shallow of me. But if I were you, I would definitely start off with "Travelling photographer."

    First impressions do make an impact.

    • Okay thanks! And yeah I never tell someone that I'm self employed and instead I say that I'm a travelling photographer or a business owner.

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  • Every business has to be owned by someone right? As long as he's able to take care of his financial needs with it I don't see how being self-employed is a bad thing. The real straining part of your job would be the time away. Yeah it's cool you travel, and I' sure you have lots of interesting stories and pictures, but it makes it hard to stay consistent with someone and form a grounded relationship.

  • That's a lot of travel... probably not.


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  • Of course they would, its called money.

    • Do women like guys that don't have money? Like can you date when you don't have money?

    • If that was true I wouldn't be single lol.