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I split up with my girlfriend of 6 months nearly 4 weeks ago now. We agreed about a week ago not to contact each other for a bit.The break up turned out a little bit messy but things eventually calm down in the end. We both work in the same place but hardly see each other as we're both in two different buildings. Anyway yesterday was the first time I saw her since we agreed not to contact each other. I decided to make small chit chat to avoid any awkwardness and be amicable. Then about an hour later after seeing her I got this message from her " just saw (my name) at work :( " clearly the message wasn't meant to be sent to me. I haven't replied yet.Does this mean she's thinking about me and still upset about breaking up missing me? Or does it mean in a negative way. Should I reply if so what do I say?


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  • I would take it as a "sigh" as in... sigh, I miss him or something along those lines... or basically.. "I'm thinking of him again" - doesn't mean that she wants you or wants to think about you, just simply because of what happened now you're on her mind.


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  • She might have done it to show that she misses you but made it seem like it wasn't for you.. But even if it wasn't on purpose she does miss you .. And it hurts her to be reminded of you..

    • So what should I do. Reply to the text saying in a joking way I guess that wasn't for me.or wait until I bump into her and say something about it. Should I just ignore it. She could be testing me If I felt the same way?

    • Id say something to her about it when you see her even if she doesn't feel the same way you still deserve an explanation for it..

  • sounds like she was just hurt by the breakup and stuff .. don't sound mean and it don't sound like ( I MISS HIM ) it sounds like ( I just seen him at work and it made me sad due to the breakup and stuff.. ) she prob still has feelings for you tho


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