I'm always initiating plans.....

I know he's busy. We both are. And he knows the earlier I know, the easier it is for me to get away.

He talks like he wants me around for awhile. and I know he's got a bit of a self confidence issue. So part of me thinks he likes me asking, makes him feel wanted.

but when we started seeing each other he kept saying if I wanted to see him I'd make it happen. and he likes to be in control, so logically I keep thinking he should be the one asking.

in all fairness, when we do get together, we always end up staying together longer then we'd planned, usually by a few hours. and he's very affectionate and considerate. he texts me everyday.


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  • Are you sure he didn't mean 'he'd make himself available' when he said "I'll make it happen"? Or am I reading that entirely wrong? It'd help if you could rephrase that sentence, It's a little unclear.

    • when we first started hanging out, he'd ask when I could get together again. and when I said I'd try to work something out he would tell me if I really wanted to see him, I'd make it happen.

    • Oh, OK, seems like it was just an extension of his self-confidence issues then. Also, being the one asking is not the same as being in control. It depends on the dynamic of the relationship.

      If you want him to ask you and make plans, communicate that to him. For instance, tell him it would make you feel special if he did that every once in a while, and make sure he knows you won't turn him down unless you have to. Think about your own best way to do that, because you know him much better than

    • (cont'd) I do. I do agree with you, he does like being wanted, but I also think he might enjoy making you feel wanted and special, yourself.

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