Could you tell if he is serious or playing with me? Please give me advice.

i wanna know if he serious or he is playing with me...

Were not officially boyfriend and girlfriend we just dating for 6times …

But we kiss and hug already we had sex once only on our 3rd date. But doesn’t happen again but we do enjoy kiss and hug….

I like him and he said he like me very much that he want to get to know me more…he give me a pet name little girl and I call him daddy.. kinda cute , he is sweet and I enjoy his company, he used to say the sweet word to me like...

one time he tease me he said he kinda scared maybe someone could steal me away from him cos many guys want me that I am pretty, sexy and nice girl.

He said he want to meet my family

But the drama started when I invite him if he could come with me to visit to my family.

He make excuse and said they had a navy exercise for 5 days so he can’ t make it.

he said many guys want me. I am sexy and very nice to be with. so I ask him if he want I could close my profile on a dating site ( we both have account on dating site I met him through online dating site) he said I need to keep open my dating profile...

i ask him why he said I put a pressure to him... He said he like me and enjoy my company.

But he said ‘’I am not being use to be close to this relationship..’’ what does he mean? That he is not serious with me? Or is he playing with me?

He said I need to relax because I put him a pressure..

He said he want to take things slow have fun and enjoy each other…

What do you think? I can't understand him please give me advise.


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  • Pray for wisdom because that comes from heaven got a friend whom is single mom she told that is really hard to do everything by herself, it was sad what she told me and also she said that she did not have sex in 8 months .That stone me big time but I told her that she need to be strong for her kid and for herself not every guy whom says I love you tells the truth. Remember find the right person and that will take you follow rightness repenting from our mistakes( any more questions I will be happy to help you)

    • what? is he really playing

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  • As a man I can tell you that he is Playing with you , he was looking to get between your legs but sorry. When truly love comes in your life it won't play with your feelings ,remember that when is love there is not lie and when is not lie there is truth

  • Did you really need to ask this same question twice in less than 15 minutes apart from one another? link

  • Did you really need to ask this same question twice in less than 15 minutes apart from one another? link


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