A bit of a small bent issue?

It's been four months since I got out of my relationship, and my ex and I are still wonderfully great friends. Recently however, he told me he was gay.

This didn't come as a surprise to be honest. I had suspected it nearly from the beginning, but when you really like someone you tend to overlook things.

It's kind of scared me into thinking that I'm never going to find a boyfriend, since apparently the only guys who I like and who will date me are bent guys...

It's a difficult question, but how can I gain my confidence back?


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  • Well, forget about guys for a minute, you can't rely on others to give you confidence...even friends. Explore who you are and build something for yourself. I have hobbies that can turn into money but I like inventing things. You don't have to invent something but get creative with some ideas and it may take a while.

    Noone can maintain or create confidence for you but, they can strip it away if you let it. Build something for you that no one can take. These sensitive guys you are attracted to might be bent because they want to be. I mean if its that way since birth, wouldn't they know by now?

    It happens a lot in these years...it is a choice, don't be knocked down for the choices of others no matter how convincing. Meditate on dirt bags, then find a happy medium as a vision of a non-bent that will stay that way. Good luck.

  • I would just say go out and have a good time. Go dress up prety and go out with your girlfriends and have a fun night. You just haven't found the right guy for you yet and that's totally fine.


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