Recipe for disaster??

Guys and girls. Here is a serious question.

Is it a red flag to be with a girl who:

1. Whose father died at age of 12. Mom didn't take it very well and was a bad support.

2. Mom began dating guys after dad's death and she placed more importance, and still does, on the boyfriends rather than the daughters.

3. Had had a boyfriend since 15. First lasted one year, 2nd lasted 7 years until she met me and cheated on him with me.

My girlfriend is 25. I love her but I think these are life events that impact women in a bad way.



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  • It's a possibility but you can't judge someone based on their past. And having a boyfriend at 15 is not a big deal, that's when I had my first boyfriend. The only thing that raises concern for me is the fact she cheated on one of her bfs with you. That would make me a bit weary. But then again people change and I don't know the whole reasoning behind it.


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