Is it normal that my boyfriend sometimes doesn't call or text me for a whole day?

is this normal? or is there something suspicious going on?

p,s - my boyfriend does have a busy lifestyle, plus when were together he's always all over me (cuddles, kisses, etc...)

  • Normal if he has a busy lifestyle
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  • Something suspicious/ possibly cheating on me
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  • Its good to give each other space
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p.s - I'm still a virgin after being together for one whole year with him, plus he has difficulty getting and keeping an erection, plus his best platonic friend is a female...


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  • Some guys just don`t like talking on the phone or texting and would rather wait till they can do so in person...which it sounds like he does.

    I`ve been with my girl for 10 years and we only talk on the phone when we have something important to say or a sexy text message to share.

    Send him a hot text to tell him what you want to do to him later and see what happens, once he sees that texting can be fun, he`ll be texting you all the time.

    Most importantly, relax. Guys are more about actions than words, and if you start getting freaked out, you`ll just end up drowning him and pushing him away.


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  • Normal, a days nothing.

  • I don't know. I'm pretty sure I can manage 5 minutes at least to text my chick at some point in the day to say what's up, how'd your day go or I love you...


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  • Sometimes people get busy and time slips away from them, its not that they don't care about you, its just that they get lost in what's going on around them. I do this all the time, or more frequently than I would like, I loose track of time and don't text the fella I care about, and he does the same. Sometimes your just busy..

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