What do I say back? I need help with texting my guy crush.

I really don't know how to text this guy back. When we are in person we will talk all the time about lost off things, but while texting it seems awkward. Can anybody tell me some subjects to talk about while texting?


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  • I text my crush about things we talk about in person. Just tease him a little...text him about stuff you talk about in person. If you talked about a TV show, be like... I just watched that show you were talking about it and it was really good (or really bad if you wanna mess with him)

    my crushes jokes that I have a crush on this other guy (I don't and he knows that, just messes with me) so I texted him the other night mentioning something this guy did and I was like "I just found another reason why I do not like ___________!" it made him wonder why and so he asked what the reason was..

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