I met a cute girl last night who gave me her number

Last night, this girl hit me with her car while she was trying to park. I was on my way to get a couple of beers and she proposed to pay for them, anyways I asked her to join me and my friend for a while, the girl was super cute. Anyways she came back later on to my table and told me she does Taekwondo and gave me her number to go train with her.

The girl is super cute, I am not homosexual, but I've been thinking if I find a girl attractive or not, and I think I'd like to kiss that one.. Should I call?


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  • Well so long as she knows its more of an experiment for fun going in and is okay with it go for it, it's not wise nor fair to play or potentially play with other people's emotion but like I said if you both are just doing it for fun it'll at least make for a great story

  • hmmm definitely put that in my play book, to pick up date, hit with car, check.


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