Saying lol even when I'm not joking?

This guy I've benn talking to for a while now keeps saying lol , even when there's nothing funny. Or when I ask a serious question and he'll reply "lol..." I don't think it's funny / I'm getting annoyed, how do I tell him I'm being serious without coming off as sensitive?

What I mean by " lol..." is that he'll say " lol " then something else , so I can't tell if he's laughing at me/ being serious or what?


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  • It has become very common for people to reply saying "lol" when there is nothing really funny. It's because 1) They aren't paying attention to the conversation so they think everybody is going to accept the "lol" as being nice and friendly. A lot of people like you think it's ridicuolous. 2) He has nothing to say. Maybe he is shy or does not have good communication skills so he covers it with stupid comments like that.

    When he replies saying "lol", don't reply back. This will do. :)

    • Okay well he does say other words to so I'll ask " are you being serious?" and he'll say" lol yes I'm being serious". But he used the "lol" so it's hard to see of he's just laughing at my question or actually being serious.

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    • Thank you! :)

    • You are welcome! :)

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  • lol. Must be an idjit. lol


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