Do prefer texting or calling the person you like?

it seems guys or girls are dating through all these electronics. we have the official Facebook update about relationships then there is the whole texting and that is how we communicate with the person we like. I miss talking to the guy on the phone hearing his voice and getting nervous because I can say something stupid...i don't mind getting the text I am thinking of you that's nice but I can't stand it now that guys say I will text you I rather them say I will call u...i realize I only want to text friends because sometimes it is so tedious to hear it and sometimes you don't have to answer their text but with guys I want them to call instead of text. I realize if I don't want to call the guy and talk on the phone I am not interested in them...

does anyone feel like this

  • I want to hear their voice so I call
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  • I like texting better its easier
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  • I like both calling and texting them
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  • I prefer face-to-face as much as possible. I don't like talking on the phone much, as I've always had to do that for my job and it's annoying, but it's still MUCH better than texting, because at least you get some emotional context along with the message. Texting is virtually devoid of emotional context, so misunderstandings happen far too often. Plus, when texting, a person can be interrupted and stop replying, and the other person has no clue why. It just leads to a lot of confusion and hurt feelings and resentment. Texting is evil (except for sharing facts, like phone numbers and addresses and that stuff).


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What Guys Said 2

  • "Calling" because it's faster to communicate, it's easier to understand the person because you hear him/her, and it's just more nice to hear the person talk.

  • I guess I prefer calling:).. but of course I much prefer spending time in person.


What Girls Said 1

  • I chose A because whenever I text someone I like, autocorrect becomes a bitch and other times they don't reply :3

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