Should I be kissing him so much?

He got back after being gone for a month and I'd only known him for a week before he left for that month. Anyway, the last two times we've hung out we'll talk of course, but for half of the time (or 3/4) we'll kiss. Because I just can't get enough of kissing him! And things will get pretty hardcore. The last time we did it we were allover each other.

Now I would never let him touch my lady parts at all, but he's touched my boobs and butt over my clothes.

I guess I'm asking if I should be kissing him so much? Because whenever I hang out with him we're always wanting to kiss and kissing him feels really good.


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  • I guess that is really for you to decide. It seems that you like him very much and that he likes you very much. So as long as he doesn't do anything that you are uncomfortable with then I do not see what the problem is. However it is kind of strange that you making out with him this intensely while only getting to know him for one month. Then again it could just be hormones. :) Hope my advice can give you some peace of mind and best of luck with this guy okay!

  • As long as it feels right to you its good then


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