What am I going to say to him??

I was texting this guy last night who I have a majorly big crush on but never ever told him.

Everyone I ask says he always flirts with me but I don't see it.

Anyway last night I decided to tell him so I did and just according to my luck it turned out his cousin had stolen his cell phone.

I really didn't know what to do and I'm now flustered that I may have ruined our friendship.

I haven't texted him since then, what should I say?


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  • what did you say, exactly?

    • I said 'look I'm going to be honest I really like you and I wanna know if you like me too..'

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    • Yea he doesn't

    • so, that's a very good sign. okay, all you have to do now is go out with him and have some fun..he might take the first move this way ! Good Luck =)

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  • Nothing much. Just behave the same and flirt the same. If he likes you he should eventually ask you out.


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