What would you do? Stay or go?

Fell out with my fem friend 7 weeks ago, we were consistent friends before but after a night out where she seemed distant it went downhill. I got upset with her a few days after as she was ignoring me then being very distant and off. I overreacted by saying I never wanna talk to her and took her off my Facebook. I was just hurt as she suddenly decided to switch off me for no reason after 6 months friendship. She replied back to text angrily and said I was overreacting and if that's how I feel then fair enough. I sent her a major apology text next day and she accepted my apology. Again that was 7 weeks ago and since then I always make first contact to resolve everything, finally I was meant to meet her last week and she cancelled as apparently she wasn't well. She didn't try and re-arrange, I tried again and she said do this week. I tried on Monday but she was now busy all week and said next week now. I asked her if she's OK with me and she wasn't happy with me asking and said she was genuinely busy and if I don't believe it then tough. She said she will contact me when she gets home to let me know a different day to meet. She got home and said Thurs next week, I said I can't as busy then but what about Sunday, she said Sundays are now her day of rest from Sat night parties and will let me know next week. Note every conversation we've had since the argument was always over text as she didn't seem comfortable chatting to me on phone. So I finally tried calling her as this seemed too much and she ignored 2 calls. I sent her a text to say I won't bother her again and she text back saying she was in bath, I'm overreacting, it's too much stress and she gives up. That was it! I text her next day saying I liked her a lot as a friend, I cared for her, all I wanted to do was salvage our friendship, I feel hurt as she won't move on from our argument and it's best she don't text me back. She never did. Now do I attempt to contact her and ask her if we can still work on the friendship or do I just move on?

Anyone? Lol


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  • Your sensitivity and drama is burning a bridge between you two, if it already has it. Being distant and ignoring your calls could mean that she needs space from you, or that she has other issues on her mind (in which case, you're only adding to her problems). Friends don't always reveal every issue that they're having; sometimes when they're acting distant or moody it's because of other areas of their life (not you per se). Stop acting as if you're giving her an ultimatum to be close to you, if you don't,then you'll push her further away .When a friend is being distant, try to find out the source of the problem, and if they need to go it alone, then do your own thing. Give her space and time to calm down, then call to see how she's doing and to apologize once more to try to salvage the relationship.

    • Thanks. I have given her space, I only text her a few times over the last 2 months to give her space, she did have problems but has overcome them. She just seems to be meeting other people and enjoying life but just doesn't seem to want to know me.

    • No one wants to lose a good friend, but people do drift sometimes. It's possible that she's willing to invite you along when she's doing things with the new people that she's meeting but feels you're too sensitve, so be relaxed when you're dealing with her. You seem like a loyal dude, you'll be good either way. Good Luck.

    • Thank you mate. I try to be but I'm just sure she doesn't appreciate me as I'd hope. I agree I am sensitive, I'll just back off and leave her to be I guess. Thanks again.

  • Sounds like you have a tendency to overreact and worry.

    Don't know what you can do about it other than take a rest and let things settle as they may

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