How to keep the spark and excitement alive after close to 2 years of dating with nothing to do where we live?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for close to two years. I am his first girlfriend and he has told me that he misses the new feelings we had in the beginning of our relationship. I am afraid that since I am his first girlfriend and we have kind of lost the spark and new feelings we had in the beginning that he may want to break up. We have talked about everything and he says that he doesn't want to break up but part of me thinks he is only saying this because he doesn't want to hurt me. I really need help please!

My boyfriend thinks about other girls and being with them constantly. On the other hand, he has said that he doesn't want to lose me and wishes that those thoughts and feelings would go away I am his first girlfriend and we have been dating for two years in October. He becomes really upset with himself over it. What should I do?


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  • Keeping the spark and excitement alive should be a priority for the both of you, he should be as concerned as you are. Complacency happens in relationships, it's also a relationship serial killer. Try doing the things that draw you to him, also try new things to keep him guessing. Do your hair differently or in his favorite style, plan a trip outside of your city(even if it's a few cities away), buy sexy clothes for his eyes only, get dolled up for him occasionally, and be creative and spontaneous, especially in the bedroom(the beach, roof and car etc, if you're comfortable getting down like that). Good luck.

    • He's more of the indoor type and REALLY loves playing xbox with his friends until earlier in the morning. We both still live at home though and our relationship becomes long distance when he is at college. We are on summer break now and there is really nothing to do in the town we live in unless you have a bunch of money to go to far off places, which we don't, since I'm the only one working.

    • You ommitted important details in your initial desription of your situation. Go with what fits your personalities and interests. What I listed is the things that my girlfriend I have done to spice things up, but we're a bit on the wild side, maybe you can't relate to us. Google "things to do in your town," "fun things couples do together and list," and "how to have fun on a budget."

  • Everyone fantasizes from time to time about other people which is considered normal; however, it's not normal for one to want to act on their thoughts when in a relationship. If you're boyfriend thinks that he's susceptible to cheating, then perhaps you should try strengthening the bond between you two. I've heard that guys are more likely to stay loyal to their best friends. Are you his best friend? Is the spark reignited? Another possibility is slowing things down while assuring him of how important he is to you, until he's sure of what he really wants.


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