I feel like just a toy for boys...help.

Boys are always trying to get me into bed with them. One kid straight up asked me if I wanted to come over next week and have sex. I've been asked to movies by another guy only to feel me up and pretty much just have sex in there. There is this guy now though, who I am REALLY into, but I am scared he is going to turn out like another one of them. He has already showed some signs of it, but I want to know if I can turn it around and make it a good relationship. Please don't tell me to just drop him because he is a douche bag or not worth it, because I KNOW he is a reallllyyyy sweet guy. We don't hang out very much, or at all. We talk during school sometimes but other than that, we just text. So, what can I say to him that tells him I want a serious relationship...?


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  • Put him to the test. Tell him you want to go out on a date with him but are not looking to have sex right away. You don't have to say it straight up too. Try telling him how you dislike when guys treat you like a sex object and see his reaction. If he doesn't hesitate, or take a step back, or have somekind of jerky reaction then you know he's honest. And if you do have the said date, don't dress in a way that might insinuate sex. I don't mean dress ugly, but nothing too revealing. Dress like you would for a Sunday night dinner with grandma. That way he won't get the wrong signal either and he won't have the excuse of saying you lead him on.


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  • Im guessing that you are pathetic.

    • I totallly am(: You are so right. Next time man up and show your name, coward.

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    • Did I not just say they are really nice to me and act totally normal around me, then they get all sexual on me? I know who douches are from the beginning now because when I was young and naive I was molested by someone just a tiny bit older than me. I know who to look for, but what I can't see is who is going to turn into someone that would do that to me. I have to learn by figuring it out on my own.

    • Oh and thanks for your concern on if I'm autistic or not, but I'm around them enough to know if I was. You can't even start to judge me, because you have no idea about who I am. So f*** off.

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