Does this make me his girlfriend or was he just playing?

Ive just recently working at this blackberry vineyard and I'm a blond white girl out there with about 200 Mexicans. well all the time these Mexican guys will just come up to me handing me hand fulls of blackberries and somebody said it is because they like me. well I met this one guy he is really sweet. he is wild and funny but when he looks at me, he looks different. We look at each other deeply into each others eyes and smile, all the time. and well he kept asking if I had a boyfriend, if I'm married, can I dance, can I cook, do I like Mexicans? well and I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said no. and then he said, you my baby? and I said yes. then a little while later he was talking in Spanish to some people and I said, what are you'll talking about? he said..."I Love You." and I was like...aww! I love you too. and we talk about our family and he says when he meets my mom he's going to hug his new momma. and I'm like his mom? and another person said yes, you moma is his momma? and I said why not! and then he was like YESS! and then the person was like okay! Now you'll are one, you'll are married! and I'm like I'm too young to be married ..anyways after that conversation he stated calling me baby and his girl and he will yell out my name and say he loves me. and I really don't know if he is just playing around or if he is serious...please clear this up.


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  • He thinks you are his girlfriend since you agreed with him with you being his "baby". You better settle this quick or it may get further down the road. Now he is telling everyone you are his girlfriend, your not going to get that many blackberries anymore. Talk to him. Ask him. Then do whatever you want.


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  • I'm sorry but I have no idea I've never ran into this problem sorry good luck though...

  • They're all like that lol! Gotta love Mexicans :)

    • He might be playing or not but sometimes some of them are serious on what they say there some good Mexicans and some bad ones just be careful cause a lot of them like to talk shit just to get in your pants then never talk to you again or have other girls on the side like other girlfriends and wife's n once you're his woman your his n nobody else's n they can get really jealous at times when a guy comes n try's to talk to you I MEAN REALLY JEALOUS to the point they kinda get on the abusive side it's scary but most of them aren't like that so no worries :) he might be telling the truth he may not just go with the flow n see what happens if he is playing you oh while you got 199 more out there to talk to jaja :) But hopefully he's one of the good ones out there :) Good Luck