Which girl would you choose for a relationship?

so let's say there are 2 girls: pick one and say why.

1: you liked this girl once before. she's very very confident. she has a lot of male friends, she's quite popular and has a sense of humor. she's into the same thing you're in (ex: football), she's very smart. you can talk to her about your interests and she is quite assertive.

looks: overall average. and average figure.

2: you like this girl a lot now. she isn't the most confident but she doesn't take herself too seriously. she isn't the most popular girl out there and is modest. she's funny and sarcastic, she's laid-back and plays the electric guitar. you can talk to her about almost anything and she's very sweet and kind.

looks: overall above average. slim hourglass figure.


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  • Geez. that's a tough one.

    There are literally almost no bad traits to with either of them.

    1. has a few guy friends, and we're into the same things, that makes for a great relationship and she's assertive... although that MIGHT cause you to lock horns, but being on the same page might make those fights end quickly.

    2. sounds like the sweet but also closet wild girl. Plays electric guitar so she's got talent and it's on the cool side rather than just something she might have been forced to learn, Good sense of humor and is apparently a good listener.

    Both have good figures... ugh it would have to come down to which one I feel a spark with... which one challenges me enough that I WANT to see her again every time we separate.


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  • 2. Too much confidence means she has experience with a lot of guys and will run off with someone else especially with more male friends. She will compare you with her past. I don't want a girl who likes the exact things as me, that would be boring. I enjoy diversity. If she is too smart, she will test you, always suspect you...

    I like girls who don't have that much confidence, so you can build her the confidence and she will always remember you. Always think about you because you changed her life. Girls who don't take very good care for themselves will be surprised when you take care of them. Modest girls will have many opinions and will just accept who you are. An instrument she plays is fine. You get the point...

  • Girl 2

  • Girl two because I would assume she's been around less

    • they're both the same age. early 20s

    • What does that got to do with getting around

  • 2. I would relate more to her as a person as I've never been a big popular guy and I'm really mellow and love to crack jokes and be playful the majority of the time.


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