I wanted to get my first kiss out of the way is it weird?

I had my first kiss the other night while playing truth or dare. I wanted to lose my first kiss to a stranger just so I could get it over with I didn't want anything romantic. I asked my cousin if she could help me lose my first kiss so she dared one of her friends to kiss me. I don't know if I regret it honestly I think I'm still in shock. The guy wasn't ugly or anything actually he was really cute and even had a six pack it just felt kind of wrong and I feel sad but happy sad because I already lost my first kiss but happy because I got it over with. Is it weird that I feel this way?


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  • It's kinda a weird way to go about it. The feelings of being both happy and sad about it are pretty much exactly how you should feel considering the situation, on one hand you did something you've been excited to do but on the other you took a shortcut with a guy you don't even know.

    • Do you think I went about it the wrong way?

    • Personally I think kisses are innocent, but lets say you replace the word "kiss" with "virginity" and went about that the same way. You'd be sad. I'm not saying you did something bad, you can even tell the next guy you meet you've never been kissed and he'd probably accept it because he wouldn't have proof either way but you sound like someone that valued your first kiss. You took a shortcut, kinda cheating you a bit out of the moment of the real first with someone you really care for.

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