Why do guys offer to do things for you when they like you?

today, for example, he told me not to lift up an object because it was too heavy and did it himself. but after a while I had to lift up the same object anyway and realized it was as light as a feather.

why? and what kind of guys do this type of stuff?


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  • To be your knight in shining armor. Your big strong man you can depend on to open that mayonnaise jar for you cause he's a beast. To reach up in the tall cabinet and get out the peanut butter for you cause you're too short. Let him do it. Men want to be needed as much as you and offering to do things is one of the easiest ways to show you care.


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  • It's called Chivalry. Opening a door for a woman. Pulling out her chair for her, lifting heavy stuff. It's all basically about getting on your good side. Guys like to be looked at favorably by women especially if it gives them a shot with her.

  • He thinks he can win you over by being nice. Unfortunately it takes more than that.


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