She ditched me on our 1st date!

Ok so I have this co-worker of mine that I kinda like; I asked her number not too long ago and we were calling and texting each other about stuffs. We were pretty much alike in terms of personality and likes, we even have the same career path in college. One day I asked her if we could hangout on our next day off and then she invited me to hangout with her friends on the weekend but unsure on what time (because I have to work on Sat). It turns out that I'm not gonna be available to hangout with them because of my work, so I said that I'm sorry and I'm gonna make it up with her the next day; She said "OK its fine". Then next day I did some couple errands and got prepared from for my 1st date with her but for some reason she texted me that she wasn't home and it'll take her awhile to get back and that she'll notify me if she's good. So I got prepared and then her text came to me that she is pushing time and have to work that night (She didn't specify anymore); I said OK that's fine maybe some other day then; No replies afterwards..

I don't mean to be selfish or anything but is this a sign that she regrets that she gave me her number or that I unintentionally ditched her last Sat. I never had any girlfriend or any friends since high school; All I did is work,study and work and never got to go anywhere else. Should I stay silent to her and wait till she says anything or stay the same with her (be friendly and talk about more stuff) or should I look for another girl... while I'm not even looking ><

P.S. I had 3 bottles of beer at the time of this writing


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  • Ummm...i think your just thinking more of the situation than you should. First time you coulnt make it...ok stuff happens. Second time around, she can't make it, OK so be it. I mean I would just keep talking to her normally and well...try to set something up if possible for the near future. Don't think positive...BE POSITIVE, with or without this girl in general man, good luck.

    • Yeah I guess, having no girlfriend as an inspiration for awhile makes you uber-think stuffs. Maybe I should learn how to play a guitar and make something inspiring out of these misery; Like you said bro BE POSITIVE, maybe a couple of beers more ill be good tho ^^

    • LOL...hey whatever works man, remember though no one knows your better then your ownself, you do what you have to do. Who knows she just might be talking to you right around the corner...this thing called life its pretty weird man. (Goes to the fridge and gets a beer)

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  • i don't know this kind of thing happens during college , girls are all over the map and change there mind a lot . its not shocking to read this story

  • dont worry..there are thousands of girls in the route..