I met a guy at a club, make out with him and he gave me his number... when/what should I text/call him

This last Friday (2 days ago) I went out to a club. I had a couple of drinks before so I was ready to party. I Just wanted to have a good night out with a guy friend of mine. So I was there dancing with my friend and I noticed this very cute guy, and I started to make eye contact with him and try to approach him, smiling, making it easy for him to ask me to dance, but he just stood there looking back at me and smiling. It was cute and looked like he was afraid to make a move. For a moment I lost him from my sight and my friend told me he went to the bathroom and pointed the same direction. As I look, I see this really funny and cute guy dancing with a column (ahah), so this time I decided it was better if I make a move and went talk to him. I asked him why he was dancing with the column and he said smiling "because I'm sad and lonely" (ahah) so I asked him if he wanted to dance with me. We started to dance very close and since I was drunk I didn't wait to much time till I kiss him (he was not a good kisser lol). Then the other guy magically appears and sees me making out with HIS FRIEND which made him really upset. I knew everything later because my friend ended the night talking to him!

But besides that I had a really great time with this guy I was dancing. He was really sweet telling me he was happy to be there with me, hugging me a lot, telling me he was not going to forget about this and that he was going to come back again in one/two weeks (I don't remember exactly). SO at the end we got out of the club, he tells me again 2 more times that he's going to come back and that maybe we could see each other again, the first time I told him "i don't know, maybe" and the second time I told that I didn't knew because I didn't had any contact with him. So he gave me his number and his email. he kissed, I left, he left and now I have his number and and I don't know if I should let it go or if I should call him within a week. I mean here I am thinking about that night asking myself, was he really interested? Should I call him? that's why I'm here, I want to know your opinion

by the way, he told me he didn't date a lot because of his work, he travels a lot, he's foreigner.


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  • Lol, wow you are really geeky over this ;P hehe the way that you went into such depth and detail is totally cute. Has this never happened to you before?

    Text him then make plans to meet up for lunch or see a movie

    • ahah not really.

      surprisingly he had my number so he called me and unfortunatly he is going back to his country today so yeah, I don't need to worry about it anymore. but thanks!

    • aww man :( sorry to hear that. what country is he from?