Anybody know some dating tricks?

I was just dumped recently and I am not ready today but at the same time I get lonely having no one to talk to...however I don't want to talk to guys that keep texting me I keep ignoring is there something I can do to keep myself preoccupied till the right guy comes along? and I won't bother with guys I know aren't the one


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  • First how do you know who 'the one" is? If you know, than wouldn't you already be with him.

    Here's the thing, it's as easy or as hard to meet someone as you want it to be. You can shut yourself in your house and never so out and then complain how hard it is to meet people. Or you can go out and live your life and have those chances at meeting people that just simply happen in our everyday lives.

    If you're "not ready", but still need someone you should figure out on which side of that contradiction you really would rather be. If you're still not ready, than simply find a hobby. Go learn how to knit, or sew, or cook, or paint, or repair old watches. It doesn't even matter, just find something that you can commit you're free time to that is an extensive hobby.

    Then you'll have distracted yourself from the thoughts of meeting someone, learned a new skill, and be refreshed to go back out into the dating world.


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