How often should a girl text a guy that she's been dating on and off?

So my friend asked me today on how often should she text a guy she's been dating. They're kinda an off and on again but never in an exclusive relationship. I'm terrible at knowing how often to text a guy and I'm curious. What's y'alls opinions?

ALSO: she doesn't want to come off as nagging so she doesn't want to over due it on texting either.


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  • I am having a curious experience with a lady I definitely like a lot. We are texting each other many times a day in two different languages (both of them are second languages to us). At first, I thought that we should end an exchange of a series of messages with a definite "bye" or "talk to you later." But now I find that she just texts me when she thinks it's appropriate and I always respond. So, there are no definite breaks, just long pauses. We do say "good night" or "Bonne nuit" at the end of the day (so, it's English and French, as you can guess).

    So I think it's really a matter of agreement, but I would not put any definite upper limit on the number of messages.

    It's a weird experience because of the sheer number of messages, dozens a day. I don't know what you'll make of it.


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