Should I text him or wait for him to text me?

So, there's a guy that I really really really like. And I know he likes me. We kinda somehow got together when we met because we really liked each other, but at the moment we're staying friends so we get to know each other and everything, and then get back together. I texted him yesterday, and he stopped texting me. My mom said that I should wait for him, let him text me, and so I did, and he never texted me yesterday. I saw from Facebook later that he was with some friends, so I figured that's why he didn't text me.

But I wonder, should I text him this morning? I want to talk to him, but I don't now if I should text him or wait or what. And also, I want to see if he wants to hang out this weekend. I tried asking him yesterday and he thought I ment yesterday so he said he would check, and I said that anytime was fine, that I just really wanted to hang out with him and I liked hanging out with him, and he said "aww" and that "I'm sweet." And after that, he never really texted me back. So should I ask him again too?


So, I texted him, and... no reply :(


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  • y do you girls always wait for a guy?

    does it have to be so'? we also expect sumtymz :)

    seriously its a yes yes if you do :D

    • I texted him... and he never replied. I'm going to guess he could be working or something, but I don't know. Think I should try again later?

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    • cheers :)

      i m there if you need any help ;) ( message me :D )

    • Will do :D Thank you! :)

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  • In the teen world. No. lol. it's just the way it is. text him if you must but usually it's a wait til he text you so you don't seem desparate or clingy.

  • Dont text him ! Stick it out as long as possible.. If you mean anything to him, He'll realize that you haven't texted and text you and besides absence makes the heart grow fonder :)

    Have fun on your date !

  • dont appear desperate text once more asking if he got your message and if everything is OK then wait don't be too clingy

  • i would ring him then just give up