Can't get a date because I'm too serious?

I'm in college right now and I'm a busy pre-med student who doesn't have a lot of spare time. I'm usually at school, work, volunteering, or studying. I've had several girls tell me I'm too serious about life or myself and others have told me to loosen up a little bit. I feel like I can't get any dates or even flirt with girls since they see this side of me. I love to have fun and joke around, but how do I get girls to see that side of me?


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  • In what environment are you most yourself in? Are there certain people that influence you, make you more relaxed? I once went on a date with a guy who was so serious that he wouldn't allow himself to even laugh during a comedy at the movies. That was a big turn off ! Everyone else was laughing and there he was holding on, composing himself. Yet, when I saw pictures of him around certain other people he had a huge radiance to him, almost like a completely different person I never met. I guess maybe it was me that made him feel that way and therefore not the right person for him.

    • I have some difficulty talking to new people, not exactly awkward, but its different. My conversation is always serious and to the point with new people. Of course I'm comfortable with my friends and family and am not serious with them most of the time unless it calls for that. so how do I let loose and just talk with new people like people I already know?

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  • You've already said that you are too busy, it would be best not too have a date because it would just be something else to add to everything else going on. Good for you for focusing on your education, there's all the time in the world for dates and whatever, who cares. Right now, your education is the most important thing. When you've finished, they you can devote your time to someone, at the moment you wouldn't be able to offer a date the attention and time.

    • Amberyhh is right, but I know you're still human and sometimes you may get lonely. What you need to do is date in the summer; if you find that special someone, then she'd understand how busy you are during the school year. Summer is when you'd have time build that bond, and get to know them...this is dating my friend.

  • Try to take out time from your busy schedule for the girl you like. Girls need time to spend it. That's the major thing. :)


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