Why did she react this way? What happened?

I was dating this girl for a few weeks. She is from another state and is in town for an internship. She just got out of a relationship that she said was messed up, and I guess her last few relationships have been complicated. Well, I'm about to leave on a cruise and will be out of communication for a few days. We meet up after she gets off work a little after midnight. The whole time we have dated she has asked me questions about my interests and asked if we liked similar things. Tonight was no different. She asked if I liked a certain band and if girls who cuss turn me off, which were her words. I can tell she really likes me. Then she asks what I want out of us. I tell her I like her and want to see where things go. She tells me she just got out of the relationship, and that she never expected to come here and have feelings for a guy like she does me. She tells me she wants to go slow, and things may it may boot happen. I tell get I understand and we can go at her pace. Next thing I know her tongue is down my throat. I test to see how far she'll take out, but she won't go further. I'm OK with this because of what we just talked about. I'm there until 4:30 am, DVD she texts me the next morning and we flirt some more. I leave for my cruise, and when I come back she has gone 180° on me. She says she thinks it was a mistake, and she kind of felt like a slut. She wants to be just friends. I tell her after the other night, I don't know if I can do that.

Later, she texts me saying she wants to hang out and explain things. you tell get to tell me know. She tells me she just isn't in a good place to date and see people as more than friends. I say OK, and consider hanging out with her again later, but tell her if I find out that's not true that we will be done. She says she is hanging out with other guys but nothing is happening, nor does she want it to. The next night I'm out with a friend I haven't hung with a while and we've talking about girls. We see one of her Co-workers snooping on our conversation. She apparently thinks we are talking about my girl and tells get about the conversation. She texts me saying we will never hang out again, abs unfriend me from Facebook. I explain my side and she apologizes for her reaction.

A couple days later a friend of mine finds out she has between hooking up with another guy , who salsa Gard and quick, and can get clingy, and did so while I was on my cruise. I already know she hooked up with another guy before we started. I ask her about it and she continues rio lie. Then she tells the other guy I'm lying about us and manipulates text message conversations to maker her look better. He believes her despite others telling him not to, and I don't.

What I want to know is what happened while after we had that conversation about liking each other to change her mind? Was she running from her true feelings because she's scared of getting hurt again?

I quit talking to her on Wednesday. As far as I'm concerned, we're done. She will probably end up hurt again, but that is her problem, not mine. My head is just spinning because of the conversation we had, and how honest and forthcoming she appeared to be.I am just trying to understand if she was being honest with me at the time, and if so why she pulled the 180, or if it was all a lie.


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  • I don't really want to judge without really knowing this girl & how old she is, a lot of girls put walls up & are afraid of getting hurt because of past relationships but honestly you have to think about if she's really worth it or not because it just seems like she's making up all this useless drama & you really shouldn't hafta deal with that, maybe she fell too hard too fast for you & got scared & backed out.


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