How can I get him to make me a priority?

A friend and I are mutually interested in each other. We both haven't really told each other. But I can tell that he cares a lot for me by the way he acts and I pretty much figure I've shown him through my actions how I feel.

The reason why I haven't told him verbally is because I'm only 75% sure of how he feels plus our friends are ALWAYS around and its hard to get some alone time to tell him or even get to know him more.

And I think he hasn't told me because I think he thinks that I don't care about him because I don't really say much to him unless he approaches me first. I'm not shy its just if you compare the way he is with our friends and with me, he's more social with him. Like he pretty much has already told them what he's planning on doing for July 4th but he never tells me anything.

But yet if something major happens to me I think he gets offended if I don't contact him for help but he doesn't understand why would I have someone who barely talks to me be the first person I contact.

I pretty much know this is just one big misunderstanding and he's a visual guy and the only way I can get him to change his approach is by my actions because he never understands if you tell him verbally.

So what can I do to have him make me #1 whenever he has something to tell someone?


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  • "The reason why I haven't told him verbally is because I'm only 75% sure of how he feels"

    - grow some f***ing balls. spit it out.

    • like I said I would if I could ever get alone time with him.

      Everytime I'm alone our friends always interrupt.

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    • then I could also say why doesn't he? he's the one that's being posessive lol.

    • becouse maybe he dosen't have to.

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