Ugh!! Is it wrong to feel this way?

I am bored in my relationship. I always seem to have to make the first move with stuff. Is this enough to break up with someone or is there something else I can do? My boyfriend and I have been officially dating for really two weeks (I don't count the 3 months we've been dating because we live in different cities so we haven't seen each other much..summer vac). Also we don't really have long conversations like..we can't talk for hours on the phone about anything and whenever I ask what he is up's always "video games" or "nothing." Our conversations just consist of the weather and other friends and school and stuff we're doing (or not doing in his case sometimes). He never or rarely asks what I'm up to. We are both our first relationships so if I'm lost in what to do...he's probs just as lost or more...

I have decided to break up with him when school starts. I'll just remain friends with him because in all honesty...he's kind of boring. He never calls or texts or messages me (unless I do first)...and his reason for never calling is because he is too busy and he forgets. We really don't have all that much in common. I want more from the relationship and faster stuff than he does. And he really doesn't have much conversation. And let's face can't really change a personality...
...Like I even asked why he never calls...and I asked if he ever wanted to travel...the responses were kind of blehh.-_-...I don't want to get all into that with I'lll just tell him I'm not ready for a boyfriend after all (even though I am...but he doesn't have to know that) and I'll be real busy with stuff anyway (I'm getting a job {hopefully} and doing some study abroad and summer courses..and other stuff)...*sigh*...time to get back to being soon. ah well...I've...
...learned some stuff from the that's worth something. This guy is just not at my level...which didn't bother me so much when we were just friends (because it wasn't like we were best best buds or uber close..soo). The problem isn't even his inexperience or cluelessness or's just his personality...he's not that interesting. Maybe that is fine for some other girl...but not me. And I refuse to settle. Thoughts?


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  • It's not wrong. I'd feel like that too because you DO have a boring relationship. You can try to fix the problem before you end it if you want and see how that goes but you'll have to kinda tell him what you're wanting and how you feel right now. Tell him you feel like we never really talk about anything together. I don't think he's being that way on purpose, he probably just doesn't realize what's going on. He needs a little kick in the booty to open his eyes and see that you're unhappy with the way things are.

    • Oh alright. I'll do that..thanks. :) Have to wait for another month though...when school starts...because I feel like I should talk to him about this face to face instead of through technology. thanks for the answer.

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  • is it insecurity from your and his side? or not, if not something is pretty wrong, ask yourself what ya want from a relationship and ask him the same, want cozy cuddleing and deep talks? want sex and passion? adventure? a best friend and a lover? all of them? or just one, need way more info to help out with this kinda stuff

    • Oh alright..thanks. :) Yeah I was thinking I should talk to him more about this but since I don't see him for like another month...I can't really do much..and I feel this stuff is not appropriate to talk about over the phone or email. well thanks for answering.

  • You're not wrong, that relationship sounds boring as hell. I'd probably have more fun at a funeral.

    • Lol...very funny. Yep I know..i feel like I'm more adventurous and interesting and outgoing...but then again he's very shy and more of an introvert than I maybe I just have to awaken the interesting part of him deep within him some how...

    • Nah don't get shy and introvert twisted. Just find things you two have in common, check out his hobbies, etc.

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  • I can sense your frustration through your words! If you don't care too much for the guy I would end it. if you still think there is hope for him, I would start getting mean with him. Next phone call, if he does the same thing (sounds like you guys have a lot of awkward silences) I would be like "What is your deal? Do you even want to talk to me because you're not saying anything and you never do" and if he cares you both will argue it out and hopefully something good will come out of it.

    • Lol..thanks...haha..I don't really want to get into an argument but I could try talking to him casually about it and see what happens. heh heh. thanks for answering. I guess that since he is my first boyfriend and all..I don't really know how to approach the subject with I don't want to come off as too bossy or bitchy or anything...but ah well...I'll try my best to figure out how to talk to him about it. thanks. =)

    • You're best bet is to just say it and say exactly what you feel. From my experience it usually starts an argument because you're pointing out things they're doing wrong. And afterward they realize "Oh sh*t I'm an a**hole" or they just don't want to hear it. Because he's not a mind reader, if you don't tell him, then nothing will change. Good luck and I hope everything works out!