Do I tell him what happened?

One of my guy friends and I started making out at my house one day and I heard he might ask me out. My best friend and the guy I made out with absolutely hate each other. I don't know if I should tell him what happened or not because he's really over dramatic and he might stop being my friend if I do. what do I do? :-/


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  • If he stops being your friend, then he was no friend in the first place.

    Friends stick together, no matter what.

    If your integrity tells you to say something, then you must. You'll have to weigh the value of his friendship.

    Otherwise it creates strife where there doesn't need to be any.

    • so I tell him?

    • I'll bet if he's so emotional that he overreacts, chances are that he'll come back, too... :-)

      Again, don't create drama when it can be avoided.

      If you tell him, it's like baiting.

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