I think my boyfriend is playing me, what do I do?

he makes a minimum effort to improve our relationship, its always me who initiates.he does stuff that make me feel good about him and the relationship, but then he becomes distant again. with my other boyfriends the situation was reversed, they had to "fight" for my attention and trust. should I start acting distant too, and wait for him to be more into this or if he doesn't change break up, or should I talk about it and reveal my true feelings and make myself vulnerable and maybe seem needy?


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  • You're not being needy though. He's doing the bare minimum to keep you hooked so he has you for whenever he feels like it and he knows it's OK because so far, you've allowed it. Time to switch the game up and lay it all out there. Don't be afraid to tell him to get his sh*t together or this isn't going to work out.


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  • ust tell him he is playing games, its disrespectful & it is not going to work.

    he is acting lie he does not care, but is too much of a coward, to do anything about it.

    if he doesn't care about the relationship, then it isn't a relationship, & you're out. why waste time.

    what do you mean' fight' for your attention & trust. why should anyone fight to get to know someone. its a strange figure of speech, & id like a concrete, practical example please. thanks.

    • i didn't pick up the phone only for the fifth time,didnt answer messages and still my exes did whatever I wanted them to, I had the power. when I realized that they are doormats I dumped them. I just wanted more space and they became needy and clingy. my current boyfriend is the total opposite.

    • i don't think you want a boyfriend, you want a slave.

      playing games, does not prove someone cares. it just roves they like to play games. if someone does not want to be with u, unless you ignore them, ts fake. so what's the point.

      i don't see what you get out of having to pretend not to care, how does that benefit u. wheres the trust if you can't be yourself.

      i think you should dump him & sort yourself out. you sound confused.

      youre so reliant on games, that when something goes wrong, you think you need MORE games

    • i didn't play games intentionally, I just really didn't care about them that much, and as I said it, they werent what I needed. I love my boyfriend because he won't let me take control. and I didn't say that I WANT to play games, I only consider it to see how much he cares. obviously I wouldn't do that for long because you can't build a relationship on games, but I have to know if he is worth it. the other option I have is revealing my feelings, and this could result in him taking me for granted