He kissed me but I'm the player!! WTF

my guy friend for like 8 years just kissed me I'm 19 he is 24 like one hour ago when he was over and I kissed him back cause I haven't kissed a guy in ages ... and it was really nice...like really

but after I was like that's not going to happen again now he says I'm playing with his feelings...

but he knows I don't want anything to do with relationship so why did he kiss me ... I'm not a player he's just weird

i called him and told him I wanted to talk about what a happened he hung up then my doorbell rang like 15min later (we both live in the same area that's how we meet) I told him my issues and why I kissed him back and I said I did like him but I don't want things to go horrible.

then he was like I really loved you for a long time know, and I was thinking very long about kissing you and that he will make me happy cause he knows me and that he wants to be with me for a long time


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  • Sounds like he got butthurt about the rejection. Don't kiss him again or you are messing with his emotions, everyone gets caught up in the moment and makes a mistake.

    • kk

    • Well you need to make up your mind of what you want to do, don't string him along if you don't feel the same way

    • i made my mind up there is not stringing along... Thedigitalsaint actually typed with me ...

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  • Well I don't know your history, but likely he didn't just kiss you out of the blue. He probably had reason to believe you liked him and wanted the kiss. You probably flirt with him, and keep him far to close and as a result he got the wrong idea. After all you did willingly take his kiss when you could or possibly should have turned it away. I mean, if you were horny but you didn't want a boyfriend and you knew he liked you, would you still have sex with him, just for the sake of having a bit of fun? I hope not, because that would be selfish. Hurting his feelings for the sake of your own pleasure. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

    Most girls especially at your age, are naturally flirtatious. It's just how you are wired. You don't even realize you are doing it because its instinct. You also lack an understanding how easy it is to give a guy the wrong idea. You might not even think you are flirting with him but you are. ARe you texting him a lot? Are you hanging out with him a lot, especially one on 1? Are you sitting next to him a lot? Are you hugging him a lot? Are you teasing him a lot? Are you doing date like things like dinner and movies with him? Are you touching him a lot or even cuddling with him? Are you complimenting him a lot? All of these things can say to a guy that you are interested in him. Many young girls don't understand this and don't know how to keep a close watch on their behavior and real themselves in.

    • im a virgin ... and the last thing I am is flirtatious I suck at it.. we play soccer a lot togerther and he asks me to hang out but I busy... okay I won't like I know he likes me and that's why I was pushing him away but then he was like I need to come over to get my soccer stuff I left it at the door so he wouldn't have to come in... he rang the bell anyways my dad answered and he came upstairs and just kissed me and it was nice but read what I wrote to the digital saint

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    • it better not -_-

    • It was stupid of him today, but I've seen it happen before, wouldn't surprise me. Just don't be naive. You be surprised what some human beings are willing and capable of doing.

  • Wait a minute, why didn't you push him off if you didn't want to be kissed? It sounds like you went along with it, but then changed your mind right after. That's why he's confused. He was good enough to kiss, you've known him for years and yet he's not good enough for you? That's the message he's getting right now from you. Think about it from his perspective for a moment.

    • well I could date him he would be perfect its just I don't want to loose him any time you date a friend horrible things happen and I would prefer to have him as a friend then enjoy him how I would like to and do something horrible then we are no longer together even as friends... damn I hope he's not thinking that.. sh*t should I call him... but it felt really good ...

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    • Hey, don't get so worked up! A relationship should be fun, not a job. Don't do anything you aren't comfortable doing and you won't have any regrets. Go enjoy yourself!

    • i will try ... but his text made me happy :) ...

  • He's conflicted. He's developed strong romantic feelings for you, but he knows you're not "into relationships".

    Imo he's saying that you're playing with his feelings cauz the two of you may be hanging out, and have mutual chemistry, but YOU are the one not wanting to make the jump, when it's OBVIOUS you want him.

    So frankly...yes you are playing games. He's just being the man and made the move to kiss you.

    You OBVIOUSLY like this dude...so why not go out with him instead of this de-facto "relationship" that you seem to be inevitably involved in with this guy?

    Make it official! 8-)

    • look below what I wrote ... I can't risk it one ohh we will be together love is always not working out at my age

  • You're a player but in denial

    • how? he kissed me?

    • you kissed him, and are not into relationships. that screams playa buddy :)

    • he kissed me ... I'm not a player read above... what I wrote to digital saint... I would never want to hurt him

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