Should I contact him or wait?

there's this guy I've been seeing for about a month and he just left for a week long trip for work today. we were going to meet up to do something before he left but it didn't work out so I texted him last night 'have a good trip'. he texted back and said 'thx see ya when I'm back'. I didn't reply since I've decided not to text him while he's away..just Because he's out of the country he won't be able to text, and I just don't want to bother him Because he has a lot of work to finish in a short amount of time

and when he gets back, I think ill just wait until he's ready to contact me, Because I think he's got to settle down and take care of other stuff first. is this the right way to go about it? or should I give him a text the day he gets back just to check in and see hows he doing


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  • One text conversion halfway through his trip asking how his trip has been so far. One the day after he gets back.


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  • If I liked the guy, this's a good chance to be initiative, asking and listening to him about his trip.

  • if you don't hear from him when he gets back I would text him.

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