A handshake and kisses on the cheek... :P

What does a handshake and kisses on the cheeks mean to a guy that might like you?

[to guys]

Does it make you shiver a little...smelling her perfume with her being so close to you...touching her skin with yours, brushing against her face, kissing her cheek, her kissing your cheek...with soft, full, young lips...

How does it make you feel? Do you think about it later on?

Does it do anything for you, mean anything to you...or is it just another way of saying 'hello'?!?

...Just Wondering...



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  • Oh yes, you're like a poet man!

    Completely perfectly described. Would fall asleep with the scent of her in my head.


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  • Well, I'm no so sure about the handshake as being more than just friends. But yeah, if the guy shows interest in you and then kisses you on the cheek I think that could mean something.

  • I would much rather like a hug and a kiss on the cheek!

    But yes, id remember her perfume and that kiss for the rest of the day/night


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