As a Girl What Would You Like?

So I want to surprise my girlfriend by delivering her either flowers or a sweet lovey dovey card. My original plan was to get her some sort of flowers but he works at a new building and I don't know if they have people that could deliver it to her and if they do I don't want to run the risk of them not delivering it to her on time and letting the flowers die. I don't want to give it to her myself because that looks cheesy. I want her to feel good and show off to her co workers.


Get her a sweet card and have it delivered.

All this because I just feel like it. No special day. just because I love her.

Which one would you as a girl like the most and show off the most?


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  • I would like a little teddy bear, and a card best, because I hate flowers, because I think they smell horrible! But that is just the sweetest thing! She will appreciate whatever you get her, I know I would even if they were flowers because it really is the thought that counts

    • Good idea on the Teddy Bear.

      She told me a while ago she was not the biggest flower person but maybe she would appreciate it. I could play it safe and just get her a car with a stuffed animal or something.

    • I think she would love the teddy bear, because it is something from you, that she could have forever

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  • Flowers! haha

  • Just a thought... Why don't you drop it off in her office so when she gets to work that day she gets the flowers and it shows her off to everyone all day until she arrives.


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