Should I knowingly be a rebound girl?

Soo... this guy who I used to like just broke up with his girlfriend of like a year and a half. He's super sweet and we have a ton in common, but outside of an occasional class we didn't hang out. He was planning on getting messed up every chance possible, so my flirtatious friend invited him to hang with us. He came over and the three of us watched a movie, then my friend left around 2, but he stayed and we just watched TV and chatted until 5:30 in the am.:/ he was awesome company and thanked me for keeping him sober for a night. We texted the next day, then last night we went to a bonfire and left fairly early, so I invited him in to watch a movie. Somehow we ended up cuddling and holding hands, and he stayed and watched movies and talked until 5:30 again! He's a great guy, and I'm not super attached, so should I keep talking to him and hanging out to keep him from downward spiraling? Aka should I knowingly be his rebound girl to help him out?


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  • Well you have to understand if he just got out of a long relationship he is used to having someone there and that's why he likes hangging with you so much. (I'm not saying you're actually mean and he doesn't like you, I'm saying he is very used to having a connection with someone like that) Also unless you are friends with this girl or she is a very influential person there isn't much reason why you shouldn't be whatever you want to be with him as long as it's something you want to do. Good luck with whatever you decide.


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  • Only if you wany to make youreself less desierable


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