Online Dating: Red Flags

So I am attempting online dating again. I figured it would be fun to make a list of red flags I have noticed on profiles and what inferences I am drawing from them.

1. "...I am a very low maintenance girl"="I am worse then a high maintenance girl, I am a high maintenance girl, who does not realize she is high maintenance."

2. Only pictures of face=Fat

3. No height-->I have not draw an inference but feel this is kind of a weird thing to not put.

4. Picture of yourself w/other guy and no description as to who he is=bad taste, yes it is probably you brother, something you should mention.

Thoughts on my red flags, or have any of your own?


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  • 1) they don't like crazy socks = lame booger of a person

  • 1. won't Skype = fake profile or old pictures.

    2. "don't have a cell phone number"= underage, or they are lying about something (location etc.)

    3. If they keep talking about how they hate fat people = they are fat



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