Texting need some help?

I'm kinda new to texting and it's etiquette. I want to know what are some good ways to compliment a girl on a picture she sent you without being creepy? It was just a casual pic, we just started texting.

I don't need anything really word for word (want to be myself here) just something to point me in the right direction.


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  • nice pic lls


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  • I like it when a guy says he likes my smile in a picturee! it makes me feel so good even if he was actually a creep! or eyes! not clothing or style though

  • You could mention how pretty she looks like.

    For example she has nice eyes, or her hair looks perfect.

    Her smile is very open and shows a positive attitude or it shows how open she can be,

    Or you think she has a nice style.


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