Guys: What makes you not text girls you like back?

Like when you stop right in the middle of a conversation and never text back. Is it because you just don't feel like talking anymore?

What makes you stop in the middle of a serious conversation?


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  • With a girl I like, I probably wouldn't just stop talking, I'd at least say 'talk to you later'.

    So something must have come up, or maybe they just wrote back something that doesn't really need a response.

    Also, some guys like to keep a girl guessing, at least I've read that many many times, as some sort of way to get a girl to miss him.

    • Stopping in the middle of a serious conversation could be because he doesn't know what to say, besides again something coming up.

  • Not liking them. Not knowing how to respond or not having anything to say.

    As a policy I like to ask questions with a new girl ... because it's pretty damn easy to write me back. Girls are quite fail at this. They talk in statements. So it's a chore to keep a conversation going. I suppose it's supposed to be witty or cute. But really you should make it as easy as possible for your prey.


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