He wants something deeper and I just don't know what to say.

This guy I like wants to know why I'm attractive...If its physical, mental or emotional... and he wants to know just basically why? I told him because he is a nice friendly guy and he's good looking 2...but he wants something deeper and I just don't know what to say..help pls!

attracted not attractive


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  • tell him until you get to know him then the attraction is merely skin deep, let him know that your interested in his obvious talents but need to know if they are as good deep as they are skin deep, because you can't tell him what he wants to hear or it would be you making him feel his ego with attitude, so just tell him, time will tell but for now the attraction is skin deep, ie your looks are fine and your personality seems outgoing, and you seem rather friendly, but that's just what you have seen, not what you know,x


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