Am I right or am I being a control freak?

Ill TRY to make this short. My boyfriend doesn't want to take me to the movies to see Brave because its kiddy. One of my closest friends, who happens to be male, wants to see it and agrees to take me for my birthday. Later my boyfriend says hell take me for my birthday, so I cancel with my friend. Now a week after my birthday, we still haven't gone when my friend wanted to take me ON my birthday and even tried to reschedule with me, which I also agreed to. I cancelled again though because my boyfriend was upset since he said that he would take me and I was going with someone else anyway, despite us not going to see Brave. This is just one scenario of me having to wait. My boyfriend is in the military and he is stationed in another state. He visits every few months, so I take our face to face time very serious. He came down December 28th, a few days after Christmas. I had his gift and gave it to him the first night he came to town. He was in town two weeks and didn't even get me a gift, though he kept saying he would. I knew he would, but I felt kinda stupid because when people asked what he got me there was nothing I could say. I started to think he didn't WANT to buy me anything when I bought his gift without question. Smh. He ended up going back to base January 9th without getting me a gift. I didn't get my Christmas gift until February 13th, the day before Valentines. I want it to be clear that Idc at all about the movies or gifts. Its not about that at all to me. I just feel like he takes his sweet little time when it comes to me. Am I being a control freak by thinking he should take me to the movies within a certain time frame? If he says "Ill take you to the movies this weekend", is it wrong to think he should take me THAT weekend when HE said he would instead of a month later? Is it wrong for me to expect a Christmas gift in December and not on Valentine's Day? I get tired of waiting forever when he's right in my face. Were already in a long distance relationship which is fine, but when he's actually HERE, I expect things to be a bit different. Maybe that's wrong? Sigh.


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  • No it isn't wrong of you to feel that way. When he said he will do it he damn well should!. Explain to him what is upsetting you and why. Try not to be dramatic and try not to make accusations. Hopefully he will understand that he isn't being attacked and you are only stating your feelings.. Good luck.


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