Why don't I feel like what my boyfriend says is true?

My boyfriend always tells me he loves me, which I have no problem with accepting.. And I love him too. He also tells me that I'm his everything, his world, I'm the most important thing in the world to him. To hear those things is supposed to be something that makes you eternally happy.. but it doesn't completely affect me. The moment he says it, only in person, it makes me happy. But I don't get emotional or anything even close to it like I want to be :\

He ignores me when he's with his friends, he says he doesn't try to..but it still makes me sad cause I don't really do much so I'm just alone.., and he hasn't done anything big that I can think of to prove it to me. I could just be being paranoid and not seeing something.. I know it would break his heart to know this..

I hate this. :\ I want to be able to feel his feelings toward me. Because he's my world and my everything too :\

I think I might need some kind of proof because other people in my life have claimed the same things but then just backed out on me. I don't know..


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  • "To hear those things is supposed to be something that makes you eternally happy.."

    No it's not. Don't kid yourself.

    When it comes to women, declarations of love (like compliments) have a life-span of about 3 days to a week, tops. After that, it's like they were never said at all.

    That's why they are always asking guys "Do you love me?" and looking for compliments. Because the ones they get wither and die in a matter of days.

    Guys would love it if they only had to tell you something *once* and it made you eternally happy.

    But we know that's a dream.

    And you should know it too.


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  • "Weave actions well into the fabric your soul."

    That's a quote that all people should live by, including your boyfriend. He may have these feelings of love for you but if he's not expressing them then the words will feel empty. To put it another way, it's much more meaningful to tell someone how much you love them with your actions rather than with your words.

  • You don't feel anything special because you're realizing they're just words. The actions he takes don't match with the words he tells you. It's so much easier to tell someone you love them than actually do the little things to show it.


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  • I have the same feeling!

    I feel vulnerable if I try to love him because I know everything he says are just words! I started to think he dosent; mean what he says. He's just saying. So I can't put my effort into it. And he only feels that I don't love him that much.

    So what's the point? He's just saying he loves me, but never do anything impress or surprise me.

    Do I ask for more? Is that enough?Is it normal?

    He always say he will do anything for me. But I don't need anything...

    I hope I know how to talk to him about this issue. In fact I mentioned it long time ago. I don't know if he's just lying or not. Anyway, I hope not.