How to approach somebody through online dating?

I just joined an online dating website because I'm always too afraid to approach people in person, and I don't know I thought I'd give it a shot. Problem is, though, how do I approach people without sounding weird or off beat. A simple "hi" through the web is a bit strange (dont you think?)

I just feel silly, and it needs some taking used too. any ideas on icebreakers?


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  • You can see their profile right? Like the things they're into and interests? You can simply greet them with a message like :

    "Hi, how are you? I thought you looked interesting and wanted to know a little more about you."

    Everyone is there with the same intention, to find someone to hangout or maybe start a relationship with so it's not awkward. Besides that, women rarely approach men on dating sites in the first place so he'd probably be thrilled.

    • Thanks :) been trying to work on my introductions, and have sparked a few conversations! thank you!

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  • It's not strange. You only think it is, because you're not used to it.

    But you won't get far with just "Hi"

    You need to write something of an introduction email to them. Not just "hi"


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