First "date" & He told me that he told his friends about me?

I went on a first "date" aka meet up with a guy I have known for 4 months from an online dating website. We talked on the phone a lot, we text just about every day (throughout the whole day or for a few hours) We finally met in person after months because we were both busy and he was out of town for work (military)


HE MENTIONED that he told his friends he was "talking" to a girl and he told them my ethnicity and where I am originally from.

^^ Could this mean he wants to continue dating me?

we walked around and chatted, he shared pictures and videos with me. We both laughed and made jokes and talked about work and our families.

I had to leave early because of a problem that happened right before we met up and he understood. We still kept laughing, he held doors open for me, eye contact

I kept making fun of him about something and he said "ugh! I just want to throw you or something" but he said it with a big smile and he was joking

At the end when we departed, I initiated the hug but I think I caught him off guard because I think he hugged me in an awkward way he wrapped his arms around but embraced me VERY LIGHTLY (maybe because I initiated it?)

There was no mention of a second get together. However I texted him later on saying I enjoyed our time together (this was normal for me cause we texted all the way up until we met and we text a lot) He texted the same back and we had a small convo

I'm slightly confused. I don't know if it went well... I do like him.


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  • You made an excuse to leave early, he probably thinks you're not that interested.

    If you like him, tell him and make sure he knows how keen you are to see him again. If he's as interested as you are you should hear from him again before too long.

    • I did text him later on and said I enjoyed our time

      I texted him today saying happy early fourth of July and I am awaiting his reply but he probably went to sleep and won't text until the morning. I'm kind of scared to tell him I like him, I mean I think it might be obvious lol I wanna see if he likes me

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