How to go from just friends to a dating relationship?

I like to know what I'm getting into, especially when it comes to something like a serious relationship. Instead of jumping in and dating someone before I even know them, I want to become friends first and get to know them as a person. I want to know what they're like.

So my questions are:

1) Does anyone else feel this way?

2) How do you let them know if and when you want to take things to the next level?


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  • 1) Not at the minute, but I have done

    2) Don't be friends with her. If you're her friend, you've got about as much chance of getting with her as one of her girl friends or brothers.

    My advice would be not to look for a serious relationship, bite the bullet and go on a few dates and get to know each other that way. If you're both right for a serious relationship with each other, it'll work itself out.


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  • I was thinking just like you.

    But it turned out not good. If we are friends, we are friends. Have you heard that friend and lover are hard to combined in a relationship.

    Right now I am struggling, because I think my boyfriend is more like a friend to me, I don't think we talk like lovers...less feeling. I wish we are just lovers.

    But the best way of because to combine friend and lover, that turns out to be marriage.


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  • well first off you will notice that your wallet is empty. :P

    get close when you two are alone put your around her. if she gets closer then it should be pretty easy to get past that.