When is okay to text him first? When do I know he isn't interested?

If I am interested in dating a guy, do I text him first? If so when do I text him? If I haven't heard from him in a day or so am I being pushy if I casually text him again? If we text back and forth for awhile and we stop a conversation, is okay for me to start a conversation again the next day?When should I know that I should not text a guy and that he is not interested? I swear I am not a heavy stalker type texter. This is why I ask these questions, I feel like I am not being assertive enough.


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  • If you text him 1st it obvious your interested but if he's digging you wait for his text if he doesn't text you at all 1st he's not into you girls shouldn't text guys first unless she likes him a lot than eventually the Guy will know he got her were he wants her

    • crap, I texted him way earlier this evening before I posted this question. Last night was AMAZINg for the 2 of us (if you know what I mean) I sent him a simple text telling him I enjoyed it (I know he enjoyed it too. He was very clear about that). Now I haven't heard back. What's the deal? Give it to me straight.

    • If he hasn't text you yet from this evening there might be an issue depends if you know his schedule and he can't text you back.u should of waited til he text you it was amazing seems your more interested in him you should let him go after you it sounds your worth the chase

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  • Do not text him first and if you already have for god's sake, don't text him again. It's hard to play the passive role but when you make it too easy for the guy and pursue him, a light goes off his head that he doesn't have to work as hard. A lot of times a guy waits to see if you chase him. A man likes to pursue. If you make his job easy, he will not cherish and appreciate you. Have patience girl. Let him wonder about you, and text you. It's always better that way!