Constant adverse, yet not seriously so, and not cruel behavior from a younger woman?

There's a young lady I've known for a number of years, and she almost always seems to be purposefully adverse to me. She only does it in a partially joking way, we'll cuss each other out but we'll be laughing while we do it, she's been playfully physically "violent" in the sense of coming up and giving me a shove or just kind of slamming into me. And as far as I can tell she's only ever this way with me. What do you figure on in this situation?


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  • Girls are playful, maybe she's got a thing for you, maybe she doesn't. Ask her out sometime and see how she takes it. Make sure you are really the only one she does this to, if she does it to other guys at all then it decreases the chances. Hope this helps :)


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