Why would she act like that?

I'm in a relation with this girl , I know she loves me that's what her friends told me and I really love her too but I don't know why she never act like she does , I mean she never told me ( I love you ) , and if I don't call her she won't do it same thing for texting , any opinions ?


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  • Maybe cause she would feel awkward saying "I love you" and doesn't text or call first cause she scared she might bother you or something like that. She's probably just not as affectionate as you are. I've seen it a ton of times.

    • so does that mean she doesn't love me ?

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    • I would do nothing...but if you want to find out what she thinks just be like "Does it bother you when I say I love you?" or "Do I bother you when I call or text you?" You know...something like that.

    • ok I'll keep that in mind , Thank you :)

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