Texting or calling first in this situation?

I was at a restaurant yesterday and my waitress was cute and kept hitting on me and ended up giving me her number. I put her number in my phone and she wanted to make sure I spelled her name right.

I had to be somewhere soon and she was taking a few minutes to come back for my card. I didn't have time to wait so I put the money on the table and walked out before she even learned my name.

Since it seems awkward to me that she doesn't even know my name, would it be better to text or call first?


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  • Text her. Say Hey, this is________ from the restaurant. I just realized you didn't get my name, so now you have it.

    Give her time to digest that information. If she doesn't call text you back in a couple of days move on. But that lets her know youdidn't forget about her, and that you were intersted.


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  • you must be hella cute :)

  • You should text first and then remind her of who you are...that's what I would do.


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