Why he doesn't let me go when he isn't sure of what he wants?

After my boyfriend found out that I used couch surfing without telling him,the last month,we've fought and almost broke up,he doesn't trust me anymore even if I didn't do anything to betray him..our situation is different because we have a long distance relationship,we are in two different countries..I came back to him last month after not seeing each other for 3 months,the first few days were good,we were like nothing had happened,but after I left for one week,he told me he didn't miss me much and noticed that his feelings were no more strong like before which means I am no more indispensable.. I couldn't believe it because he was so in love with me before all these happened..

We tried to talk but we finally both agreed to end this even if it wasn't what I really want,but we were talking just,we couldn't break up when we still have feelings for each other..he thinks that we better stop before it goes too far for the 3 big reasons he has: 1,he loves me less now and no more sure if he wants to be with me always in the future(because he was so sure I was the one he wanted to spend his life with) 2,he doesn't want to settle down in 2 years(he is 3 years younger than me,and of course he wanted to because that's what I wanted) 3,after all the fights we had,that has changed his feelings for me.

It really hurts me so bad when I see someone I love treats me like this now,he is sometimes hot,sometimes cold,I tried to break up a few times but always failed because he would let me go and I couldn't leave like this...we are in a very strange situation now and that kills me..I should wait for something that is probably negative? all my friends saw me so upset all the time and told me that I should really give up and leave..easier said than done..

Another sh*tty thing happened,I logged on my Facebook on his pc and forgot to log out,he checked all the messages I had with my guys friends,and he thought I was flirting with one of them who liked me before,which isn't true at all,I guess anything to him now seems wrong,he just won't trust me anymore and this makes it worse,we don't have each other on fb,so he was checking all my guys friends and asked who is this and how we met etc,and I had to explain everything,that was incredible!

I think I should give up when I notice that he really doesn't care for me much now,I don't know what to do with his sometimes cold and sometimes hot..and don't know if I should continue "waste" my time as my friends say...I have no idea what he wants but then even himself doesn't know what he wants...why he doesn't let go when he is no more sure if I am what he wants?

I need some directions and suggestions,I don't know what to do,...


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